Services for Job Seekers

Resource Room Services:

We ask that anyone using the resource room and its services be registered with us. A short registration form can be completed while you are here if you are not already registered.

The resource room always has a computer with high speed internet access available for you to use in your job search. There are printers and paper for your resumes and cover letters. A fax machine and phone are conveniently located in the resource room for applying for jobs.

A variety of information regarding jobs, education, employer recruitments and more is kept in our waiting area and resource room. Our greatest resources are our Department of Labor Representative, our Veteran Counselor, our OTDA Counselor and our Resource Room Counselor. We try to answer all questions related to looking for work or starting a new career. If we don't know the answer, we will refer you to someone who does!


Services include...

  • Jobs In Demand
  • Resume Writing
  • Interviewing Overview
  • Application Completion
  • Skills & Ability Assessments
  • Internet Access for Employment Related Use
  • Telephone Priveleges for Unemployment Claim Filing
  • Telephone Priveleges for Job & Training Related Purposes
  • Fax Services for Employment & Training Activities
  • Copy Machine Access for Employment & Training Related Purposes
  • Civil Service Listings & Application
  • Department of Labor Employment Services
  • College Training & Financial Aid
  • Job Search Websites



Contact Us Now...

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